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Wine and Champagne Bottle Stopper with art deco display stand - Vintage PB20 Plenax Agfa Folding Camera Lens

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This unique Bottle Stopper helps preserve wine and champagne in an opened bottle ensuring that the flavors and quality of your wine or champagne last longer.
As a part of the stylish selection offered by LightAndTimeArt, this product makes a great gift for any wine lover and photo enthusiast.
The decorative vintage camera lens wine stopper is 5" long and feature a Chrome Teardrop Style Bottle Stopper base.
The exquisite stopper is handmade just for you!
The ball bearing shutter is from an original antique PB20 Plenax AGFA Folding Camera. These high-quality chrome stopper have a silicone rubber seal which seals out all outside air, and even holds a seal when the bottle is on its side.
Universal Fit: Suitable for all champagne, sparkling wine and water bottles.
Air-tight Seal: LightAndTimeArt stoppers can provide an air-tight seal to prolong and preserve opened bottles of champagne.
The Bottle Stopper is hand wash only (bottom part)!
The stand is a beautiful original PB20 Plenax Art Deco AGFA folding camera - a focal point in your display cabinet.


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