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Vintage Camera Photo Holder - Kodak Magimatic X50 Camera

Vintage Camera Photo Holder - Kodak Magimatic X50 Camera

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Showcase your favorite photo in style with a vintage camera photo holder. Original Vintage Kodak Magimatic X50 Camera – modified into a great looking photo stand. Remarkable camera with some signs of years of service. This camera photo holder is a great present for the collector of vintage memorabilia and retro artifacts, giving them a chance to display a real vintage camera. The strong alligator clasp keeps photos upright at all times. Ideal for holding photos, memos, cards etc. Size: 4"(l) x 6"(h) x 2"(w) History: The Instamatic was a series of inexpensive, easy-to-load 126 and 110 cameras made by Kodak beginning in 1963. The Instamatic was immensely successful, introducing a generation to low-cost photography and spawning numerous imitators. A new series of Instamatics was introduced in 1970 to take advantage of the new Magicube flash technology. Magicubes used mechanically triggered pyrotechnic detonators for each bulb, an improvement over flashcubes in that the need for batteries was eliminated. Instamatics with Magicube sockets were denoted by an "X" in the model number (e.g. X-15 or 55X).

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