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Lamp Base for "Hemingray-40, -42, -45" Glass Insulators, Industrial Lighting, Man Cave Decor

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Introducing the Contemporary LED Lamp Base for Vintage Glass Insulators by LightAndTimeArt

Elevate your interior with a fusion of vintage charm and modern innovation. Our Contemporary LED Lamp Base is a stunning addition to any space, whether you're decorating a loft with an industrial edge, curating a mid-century eclectic haven, or seeking the perfect accent for your Lanai or 4 Season porch. This lamp base is also the ultimate addition to any man cave, infusing your space with character and style.
The lamp base fits the following glass insulators:

  • Hemingray-40
  • Hemingray-42
  • Hemingray-45

Key Features:

  1. Unique Modern Design: Embrace the future with a lamp base that exudes a contemporary, industrial, techno-inspired aesthetic. It's the perfect blend of vintage nostalgia and cutting-edge style.

  2. Versatile LED Lighting: Illuminate your space with energy-efficient brilliance. The 1.5-watt LED light bulb provides a warm, inviting glow that's easy on the eyes. Choose from four different LED colors to suit your mood and décor.

  3. Color Options: Tailor your lamp base to your space with two available base colors: sleek white or bold black. Match or contrast to create the perfect look for your home.

  4. Convenient Cord: Enjoy hassle-free operation with a 6-foot black/white cord featuring an in-cord on/off switch. No need to fumble around searching for a switch in the dark – it's right at your fingertips.

  5. Two Stylish Options:

    • BYOI (Bring Your Own Insulator): If you have a cherished glass insulator, our base-only option allows you to showcase it in style.
    • Base with Hemingray-45 Clear Glass Insulator: Alternatively, choose our complete set that includes a Hemingray-45 clear glass insulator, adding a touch of authenticity to your lamp.
  6. Crafted in the USA: We take pride in our American craftsmanship. Each lamp base is designed and meticulously made in the USA, ensuring quality and attention to detail.

Illuminate your space with a piece of functional art that seamlessly blends the past and present. The Contemporary LED Lamp Base for Vintage Glass Insulators by LightAndTimeArt is not just a source of light; it's a conversation starter, a design statement, and a testament to the timeless appeal of vintage aesthetics with a modern twist.

Bring home the perfect fusion of style and functionality. Elevate your décor with LightAndTimeArt's Contemporary LED Lamp Base today.

Note: I recommend green LEDs for Turquoise (green) and blue LEDs for aqua insulators

Available in 2 styles:
  • BYOI - Bring you own insulator. Base only and does not include a glass insulator.
  • Base with Hemingray-45 clear glass insulator
 © 2022 LightAndTimeArt - Where Art Meets Illumination 
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CD Number

152, 154, 155


PLA (plastic)

Power cord


Diameter: 3.25 inches

Height: 1.25 inches


Power: 110V
Lamp Base Socket: E12
Cord: 6ft. Black SPT-1, Cordswitch, and Molded Polarized Plug


The Hemingray 42 was one of Hemingray's most popular and prolific insulators. In fact, it is by far the most searched for insulator on this web site. These were manufactured by the millions, so most are extremely common. This style replaced the also-popular Hemingray No.40 (CD 152) in 1921. It was intended for telegraph usage and can still be found all over the U.S. on telegraph poles beside railroad tracks.
Like its popular predecessor Hemingray 42, the Hemingray 45 was produced in mass quantities, well into the millions. Most are extremely common. Intended as a long distance telephone insulator, it has a thick lower wire ridge to help withstand heavier line loads.

Customer Reviews

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Jayma Hand
The light with base looks/works very well....

The light with base looks/works very well. I did not realise the glass part was seperate.

Karen Thomas
Lamp base

Great customer service . Fast shipping . Love my light base

Chris Renfro
Excellent Service

Light only worked once but issue was cleared up in less than a week. New bulb was sent no charge no questions asked. Great customer service and great product.

Darrell Yelverton
Loved my lamp base

I had several insulators sitting on my shelf for 20 years and always wondered what to do with them Loved this idea and they look great!

Janet Anderson
This review has no content.

This review has no content.

  • Vintage Industrial

    The creative reuse of old vintage glass insulators as lamps puts these old design icons back in the hands of people, out of dark basements and attics. The beauty of the industrial design pieces is their versatility – you can treat them as feature piece or liberally use them throughout any contemporary space.

  • Artwork

    All creations are designed by
    © LightAndTimeArt.

    Made in USA.