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Doctor Who - Tardis - Dice Tower - Game accessory

Doctor Who - Tardis - Dice Tower - Game accessory

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Doctor Who's TARDIS as a full functional dice tower with optional dice catch tray.

The dice option includes a small dice box.

Dice games are fun, portable, and often move quickly, making them a great option for parties or game night, and this distinctive dice roller will be the center piece of your game.

TARDIS is an acronym of "Time And Relative Dimension(s) in Space".  The acronym was explained in the first episode of the show, An Unearthly Child (1963), in which the Doctor's granddaughter claims to have made it up herself.

A great and unique present for any Doctor Who fan.

dice tower is a tool used by gamers to roll dice fairly. Dice are dropped into the top of the tower, and bounce off of various hidden platforms inside it before emerging from the front. Dice towers eliminate some methods of cheating which may be performed when rolling dice by hand. 

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Height: 8.0 inches
Width: 4.0 inches
Length: 4.0 inches


TARDIS is a fictional time machine and spacecraft from the British TV series Doctor Who1. It stands for Time And Relative Dimension(s) In Space. It looks like a police box but it is much bigger on the inside.

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Wonderful product and seller was highly re...

Wonderful product and seller was highly responsive and even created a custom aspect for me.

4 stars only because the print was skewed...

4 stars only because the print was skewed near the top. Like the alignment was off or got bumped while printing.

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