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Vintage 8mm film reel can lot (3) - Home Theater Accessories

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This is a nice set of 3 x 400ft. 8mm film cans.
The vintage metal cans were made by Brumberger, Brooklyn, NY.

3 x 7" metal (gray)

It looks like that these cans have never been used. They are in great condition.

Nice inexpensive display items or prop for photography.
They also perfect as Home Theater Accessories & Home Theater Décor.

Note: Cans only - no reels

Materials: 400Ft film reel cans.


Height: inches
Width: inches
Length: inches


Brumberger Camera Incorporated was a Brooklyn, NY, based photographic equipment retailer, distributor and importer dating from the 1950's. Brumberger sold movie, darkroom and archiving equipment, and accessories such as stereo viewers. Brumberger imported photographic equipment from both Europe and Japan and relabeled equipment to sell under the company's brand name.

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