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The Witch Tower - Low Voltage LED Landscape Light,12V AC/DC Lamp with "Hemingray-17, Glass Insulators, for Garden,Yard,Patio,Wall,Lawn,

The Witch Tower - Low Voltage LED Landscape Light,12V AC/DC Lamp with "Hemingray-17, Glass Insulators, for Garden,Yard,Patio,Wall,Lawn,

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"The Witch Tower" is a captivating fusion of Middle Ages aesthetics and modern technology, making it an intriguing addition to any outdoor space. This contemporary custom landscape light consists of several components that come together to create a unique and mystical look, perfect for enhancing the ambiance of your garden, yard, wall, lawn, deck, or patio.

Key Features:

  1. Lamp Base: The lamp base serves as the foundation for the entire structure and provides stability when installed in your chosen outdoor location.

  2. Open Lamp Enclosure: The lamp enclosure is designed in an open style, allowing the light to shine through and creating a captivating visual effect. This design choice adds to the mystical and enchanting atmosphere of the landscape light.

  3. Hemingray Vintage Glass Insulator: The inclusion of a clear Hemingray vintage glass insulator adds a touch of nostalgia and uniqueness to "The Witch Tower." This component not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also complements the blend of historical and modern design elements.

  4. Included Accessories: The package includes several essential accessories to make installation easier and more convenient. These accessories include a 4" ground stake, a 2ft 16/2 low voltage connection cable, a wire connector, and a white LED light bulb. The base is compatible with standard wedge base landscaping bulbs, such as T5, T10, and 194.

  5. Styles: "The Witch Tower" is available in two styles to suit your preferences:

    • Complete: This version includes the Witch Tower with the Hemingray-17 glass insulator, providing the full, mystical effect.
    • Tower Only: If you prefer a more minimalistic look or want to use a different glass insulator, you can opt for the Tower Only version.
  6. Handmade in the USA: Each "Witch Tower" landscape light is meticulously crafted by LightAndTimeArt, ensuring quality and attention to detail.

In summary, "The Witch Tower" is a unique and eye-catching landscape light that combines elements of the Middle Ages with modern technology. Whether you're looking to create a magical garden setting or add a touch of mystique to your outdoor space, this handcrafted piece offers a captivating solution.

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CD Number



PETG (plastic)


Insulator diameter: 5.75 inches

Height:9.0 inches


Power: 12V AC/DC
Socket: Wedge base for landscape lighting lights


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  • Vintage Industrial

    The creative reuse of old vintage glass insulators as landscape or deck/patio lights puts these old design icons back in the hands of people, out of dark basements and attics. The beauty of these design pieces is their versatility – you can treat them as feature piece or liberally use them throughout any space.

  • Artwork

    All creations are designed by
    © LightAndTimeArt.

    Made in USA.