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Steampunk Glass Insulator Lamp, PLA Base, PYREX C17, Industrial Lighting, Man Cave Deco, Neo Victorian Lamp design, Cyberpunk Lamp

Steampunk Glass Insulator Lamp, PLA Base, PYREX C17, Industrial Lighting, Man Cave Deco, Neo Victorian Lamp design, Cyberpunk Lamp

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If you like technology & steampunk – this intriguing, one-of-a-kind piece is for you.
This attractive, futuristic "Dalek" custom table lamp consist of a beautiful PLA (plastic) base and a beautiful clear Corning-PYREX C17 glass insulator with a copper top.

It embraces a unique, modern, industrial, steampunk techno look, perfect for your loft or mid-century eclectic décor.
This gorgeous lamp would also be a great accessory for your Lanai or 4 Season porch.
And it makes a great addition to any man cave.

The light uses a 2-watt LED light bulb.
And is available in 4 different LED colors.
It has a 5 1/2 ' black cord with an in cord on / off switch.


  • This is not a multi-color lamp (select one free color)
  • Additional color LED light bulbs are available for an extra fee.
  • This Lamp is also available with a solid aluminum base

    Weight: 1 lbs. 5 oz.

    (c) 2022 LightAndTimeArt

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    CD Number


    PLA (plastic)

    Power cord


    Diameter: 2.75 inches

    Height: 5.25 inches


    Power: 110V
    Lamp Base Socket: E12
    Cord: 6ft. Black SPT-1, Cordswitch, and Molded Polarized Plug


    Corning-Pyrex insulators were manufactured by the Corning Glass Works in Corning, New York, from 1924 through 1951.
    Initial consideration to use glass as an insulator material by Corning is dated as far back as 1913 according to existing records. Pyrex glass was developed in 1915 by Corning and was used for cookware, bakeware, and laboratory glass products. Pyrex is a heat-shock resistant borosilicate glass of 80% silica, 4% alkali, 2% alumina, and 13% boric acid. Trademark Pyrex was registered July 10, 1915, issued July 13, 1917, and patented May 27, 1919, #1,304,623. Corning used Pyrex glass for all of their production of communication, power, and radio insulators.
    The permanent characteristics of the glass sold under the Pyrex trademark met the insulation requirements for high voltage transmission.

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    • Steampunk

      The creative reuse of old vintage glass insulators as Steampunk lamps puts these old design icons back in the hands of people, out of dark basements and attics. The beauty of the steampunk design pieces is their versatility – you can treat them as feature piece or liberally use them throughout any contemporary space.

    • Artwork

      All creations are designed by
      © LightAndTimeArt.

      Made in USA.