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Mid-Century Short Kliegl Brothers Stage light, Home Theater & Movie Room Decor, Vintage Spotlight

Mid-Century Short Kliegl Brothers Stage light, Home Theater & Movie Room Decor, Vintage Spotlight

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Mid-Century Kliegl Brothers Stage light in "great" condition mounted on a new, adjustable, heavy-duty, aluminum tripod stand.

This beauty was manufactured by Kliegl Brothers Universal Electric Stage Lighting Company in Long Island City, NY in the mid-century.
The power cord has been updated to a 3 pin, 25 feet Power Cable.

The 5.5" Fresnel lens makes for excellent accent lighting, the beam focuses smoothly from a spot to a flood via a knob in back.

A 10" power cable with inline switch and IEC320 10A Power Plug has been added.
The weight of the light assembly is around 4.5 lbs. (without the tripod).
The maximum height on the tripod is around 6.5’.
The stand features three legs that angle outward and connect to the center post for ultimate stability and strength. The stand offers a 35-pound load capacity at the lowest setting (when all three sections are collapsed), and when raised to the midway point, a 20-pound load capacity. The 43" wide base keeps the spotlight stable.

The light bulb socket has been updated to a standard E26 (medium)- (max 250 W).
A non-dimmable 16W T10 LED Corn Light Bulbs (100Watt Equivalent) 6000K Daylight White 1600 Lumen is included.

Perfect for your Mid Century, Industrial, Loft, Art Deco or Eclectic décor!
This is a unique piece to decorate your home theater or any room with movie / stage décor.

Note: The spotlight is available in different options:
(1): Completed with tripod, 25 feed power cable
(2): Spotlight with 25 feed power cable (no tripod)

DISCLAIMER: " The logos and trademarks on the upcycled, individual items are those of their respective brand name owners, none of which are associated with this product. "

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Height: 12.0 inches
Width: 8.0 inches
Length: 8.0 inches


Kliegl Brothers Universal Electric Stage Lighting Company was an American manufacturer of electrical stage lighting products in the 20th century. <br>The company had a significant influence in the development of theatrical, cinema, television, and specialty lighting. It equipped many major performing venues in the United States and its products were used in several other countries as well. <br>Their eponymous product, the Klieglight, was the trade name for two quite different production lights manufactured by the company and survives today in both industry argot and in popular idiom as a synonym for "spotlight" or "center of attention".

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