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Low Voltage LED Landscape Lights,12V AC/DC Lamp Base for "Siemens L861" Taxiway Lights

Low Voltage LED Landscape Lights,12V AC/DC Lamp Base for "Siemens L861" Taxiway Lights

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YOT - Bring you own Taxiway Light Globe

Use your Airport Taxiway Glass Globes as eye-catching landscape lights.
This attractive, contemporary low voltage lamp base fits the following Taxiway Runway Lights:

  • Siemens L861 (2 3/4" base diameter, 3 1/4" height)

A unique gift for pilots, air traffic controller, flight attendant or anyone who loves aviation.  

It embraces a unique, modern, industrial, techno look, perfect for your garden, yard, wall, lawn, deck or patio.

  • 4" ground stake
  • Blue LED wedge base landscaping bulb
  • 2ft 16/2 low voltage connections cable
  • Wire Connector
The base can be used with any standard wedge base landscaping bulb (T5 T10 194)
Available in 2 styles:
  • Base only with blue lightbulb
  • Base, Blue LED, with the blue L861 glass glob

Note: The lens “sits” on the base, there is no clamp (I recommend a little silicon to secure the lens to the base)

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CD Number



PETG (plastic)


Insulator diameter: 2.5 inches

Height:4.5 inches


Power: 12V AC/DC
Socket: Wedge base for landscape lighting lights


Taxiway lights are blue color airfield lights installed on taxiways, and aprons. Taxiway is a part of airfield where aircraft is moving after landing to a runway. Taxiway lights are not so bright comparing to runway edge or threshold lights. And they are almost invisible from the air. Actually, it’s not necessary. Because the pilot uses them only while moving on airfield.

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  • Vintage Industrial

    The creative reuse of old vintage glass insulators as landscape or deck/patio lights puts these old design icons back in the hands of people, out of dark basements and attics. The beauty of these design pieces is their versatility – you can treat them as feature piece or liberally use them throughout any space.

  • Artwork

    All creations are designed by
    © LightAndTimeArt.

    Made in USA.