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Memory Chip Cufflinks, Gift for geeks, nerds, office, IT, new job gift, industrial design

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Original TI TMS2516 UV erasable EPROM (made in 1977) transformed and upcycled into a beautiful and unique pair of contemporary cufflinks.
The iconic golden chip window makes these eye-catching unique pieces.​
These are military-grade memory chips - sold out a long time ago.
The re-use and up-cycle of old electronic components is an environmental-friendly process that reduces the amount of waste that will otherwise go into a landfill.

A unique gift choice for technicians and engineers who like to wear their passion on their sleeve, hands, and neck.
And the chip-themed cufflinks are a subtle, classy way of showing off their hobby. It’s an especially appropriate gift for an engineer who likes to dress nicely or who goes dinning with customers and clients.
Gift box included

Cuff links have long been an essential accessory for proper wear and remain fashionable today. As a part of the stylish Men's Accessories selection offered by LightAndTimeArt, this product makes a great eco-friendly gift for any and cool present for computer science, IT, geeks, nerds, any engineering graduate, for the Anniversary, Groomsmen or Groom Gift, Gift for Husband, Gifts for Dad, Birthdays and Holidays.

Mix or match with my Tie Bars, Lapel Pins, or Bolo Ties for an even bolder statement. Handmade by small business in USA.

DISCLAIMER: " The logos and trademarks on the upcycled, individual items are those of their respective brand name owners, none of which are associated with this product. "

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The first 2716 EPROM was launched in October 1977 by Texas Instruments. An EPROM (Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory) can be programmed and then erased enabling it to be re-used about 1000 times. Programming is accomplished through a device called Eprom programmer (or EPROM burner), erasure uses an Ultra Violet light source that shines through a quartz erasing window. At the time, EPROM's were widely used to store boot-up programs in small systems or saving user's programs in computers that didn't featured tape recorder or floppy drive interface. Two types of EPROM chip were already used in 1977: 2704 (512 bytes) and 2708 (1 KB), but then users and computer manufacturers were requiring higher capacity chips. So came the 2716, which was able to store 2 KB. The first TMS 2716 is actually a rarity because the chip needed 3 different voltages to run it, which was different than the 2716 Intel's and all others that manufacturers made later. So, TI quickly built a new Intel compatible chip, called it TMS2516 to differentiate it from the first version and sold hundred thousands of pieces.