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64 x Quartz Clock Kit Movement Mechanism with hands, High Torque, Extra-long "I" shaft, Silent Drive

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Custom order of 64 Hight quality Quartz Clock Movement Mechanism with long shaft.
Each Quartz Clock mechanism includes:
- mounting hardware (rubber pad, washer, nuts)
- black minute (60mm) & hour (45mm) hands
- second (70mm) hand (select from options)

Shaft length:
Minute: 32 mm
Hour: 28.5 mm
Screw height: 19.4 mm

56 x 56 x 16 mm

Crystal Oscillator: 32.768KHz
Operating Voltage: 1.3V to 1.7V
Current Consumption: < 140uA at 1.5V DC Operating Temperature Range: -10℃ ~ 50℃ Time Keeping Accuracy: ±30 sec/month at 1.5V, 25℃ Torque At Second Hand: 1.0 gf-cm over/at 1.5V Battery Life: About 12 months (1.5 size R6/AA) Working life: 6 Years Materials: Quartz Clock Movement Mechanism, Mounting hardware, Second hand, Minute and Hour hand.

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Height: inches
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Length: inches


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