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Back to the 80s, Kodak Disc 4000, Lost in time, Camera Clock

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The cool clock is designed of an original 80´s Kodak Disc 4000 camera
This is a great and distinctive gift for family, friends and co-workers.
A “must-have” for any photo and camera fan.
The black hands are a perfect match to the silver camera face.
This clock looks stunning on a fireplace mantel, living room shelf or office. 

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Height:3.0 inches

Width: 4.5 inches

Length: 1.5 inches


The clock uses a silent drive mini-quartz movement that is accurate to +/- 1 sec per day.
It requires a single AA battery (not included)


The Kodak Disc 4000 was one of Kodak's cameras for its own disc miniature film format. Type: compact fix focus camera
Manufacturer: Kodak
Produced: 1982-1984
Films: Kodak disc film (fifteen 8×10.5mm exposures)
Lens: 1:2.8/12.5 mm
Flash: built-in
Original price: $66.00

Customer Reviews

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Coco Beahan
Omg my son adores this clock, and I love t...

Omg my son adores this clock, and I love that it's a camera that I used when I was growing up. Solidly made, looks so cool, impeccably wrapped. Many thanks!

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