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Antique Decorative Camera Bookends - Argus 75 Argoflex, DVD Holder, Movie Room Décor, Book Lover, Vintage photographer Gift, Handmade in USA

Antique Decorative Camera Bookends - Argus 75 Argoflex, DVD Holder, Movie Room Décor, Book Lover, Vintage photographer Gift, Handmade in USA

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2 Original Vintage Argus 75 Argoflex and Super 75 Cameras, and 2 original film spools – modified into a pair of bookends.
The bookends are a great, Eco-friendly gift and add a little vintage feel to any room. Picture-perfect for the photography fan or the vintage lover. 

DISCLAIMER: " The logos and trademarks on the upcycled, individual items are those of their respective brand name owners, none of which are associated with this product. "

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Height: 8.5 inches
Width: 5.5 inches
Depth: 6 inches


The Argoflex Seventy-Five and Argus Seventy-Five were two name variants of the same model of pseudo TLR, produced by Argus in the USA, beginning in 1949. The main body was molded from plastic (perhaps bakelite), while the film door is a painted metal casting. The front panel and viewfinder hood are in a contrasting satin-finish metal. A cloth neckstrap is permanently attached to the top of the body. Images were 6x6cm on 620 film. While essentially a simple camera, it did feature double-exposure prevention, as well as a clever reminder when the film has been wound: A red-painted shutter blade is visible through the taking lens only after the shutter is cocked. Frame spacing relied on a simple red window, however. The lens was branded as a 75mm Lumar, and was a single meniscus element in front of a fixed aperture of approximately f/11. Next to the shutter release, a small slider selected between "Inst" (instant) and "Time" (actually bulb). A standard Argus Seventy-Five kit would typically have included a leather protective case, flashbulb holder (mounted with two pins 1-3/16" apart), and a slip-on accessory "portrait" lens to focus in the 3 to 4 foot range. The final version of the Seventy-Five in production until 1964 received a modest redesign of its graphics, becoming the Argus 75. Argus also offered two higher-specification variations on the Seventy-Five, adding a focusable lens: the Argus 40 and the Argus Super Seventy-Five

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  • Bookends

    A LightAndTimeArt set of bookends is the perfect accessory for any book or DVD collection, be it small or large. These simple yet effective accents not only keep your novels and DVDs from tipping over, but they also add character with a wide range of designs, styles, and colors. All my bookends are elegant, and unique, while they can keep a home book or DVD library looking uniform and neat. They all use a combination of vintage photo, or film equipment and accessories making them great way to complement a movie room or home theater.

  • Design

    These are all handmade creations by (c) LightAndTimeArt.
    Original, unique cameras and accessories with some signs of years of service.

    Made by Small Business in USA.