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Amazon 3rd Gen Echo Dot Holder/Stand - ANSCO Shur Shot Camera - Music Lover Gift - New Front Faces

Amazon 3rd Gen Echo Dot Holder/Stand - ANSCO Shur Shot Camera - Music Lover Gift - New Front Faces

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Front Face Design

Vintage ANSCO Shur Shot Cameras upcycled into unique looking holder/stands for Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Generation Speaker.

Opening the back of the camera gives access to the standard 3.5mm audio input, and the Input for battery power.

If you like the latest technology and vintage design – this intriguing design piece is for you.

Note: Amazon Echo Dot NOT included

A unique eco-friendly gift that adds some nostalgic flair to an everyday electronic gadget.

The speaker dimensions are: 5"(height) x3 1/2"(width) x5 1/2"(deep)
Important: This stand/holder is designed to work with the 3rd GEN Echo Dot
Note: The cameras used in my products are used original vintage cameras. They do show signs of years of service.

The pictures show an example of the model used - the actual used camera might show different wear.

Works with Amazon Echo Dot generation 3.
Port allows for easy cord access.
Does not interfere with microphones or speakers.
Protects from getting knocked over, damaged, or spilled on.
Original vintage camera - no re-production.
Amazon Echo Dot sold separately.

Pick your front face design from the available once in last picture.
Counting from the left (#1 - light one) to (#6 - black one).
I will update the available front faces as soon as I get new ones - so check back or contact me, if you are looking for something special.

These are all handmade one-of-a-kind creations.

History: A brand of basic box cameras manufactured in Binghamton, New York by Ansco, which went through several minor variations. The series began in about 1935, and Shur Shot cameras originally carried the name Agfa-Ansco in use at that time. Post-1943 models were branded as Ansco alone. The cameras were made in sizes for 120 and 116 film; but because of the Agfa connection these were specified using the German designations B2 and D6 respectively. A Shur Shot is a simple cardboard box covered with leatherette. A structural panel of wood behind the metal faceplate holds the shutter mechanism, and a fixed aperture of approximately f/13. The image is formed by a single backwards-facing meniscus lens behind this. Early models had two pebbled-glass viewfinders, and later models two brilliant viewfinders, which allowed either horizontal or vertical composition. Most models permitted long (bulb) exposures by pulling a small tab outward. The more advanced models also included a slider which positioned either a smaller aperture (approximately f/22) or a yellow filter in front of the main lens. (The filter was intended for black & white photography, e.g., to deepen the tone of blue skies.) To load film, it is necessary to pull out the wind knob and open the back door, which then permits the entire film carriage (and lens) to slide out of the body. The metal faceplate of the camera can also be taken off by lifting tabs away from two small pegs, giving access to the shutter and viewfinders (e.g., if cleaning or lubrication is required). In many models, instead of mirrors, highly polished steel plates were used for the interior reflective surfaces of the viewfinders. The very simple, reliable, and maintainable design of the Shur Shot has preserved large numbers of them in perfectly usable condition right up to the present day.

DISCLAIMER: " The logos and trademarks on the upcycled, individual items are those of their respective brand name owners, none of which are associated with this product. "

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Height: inches
Width: inches
Length: inches


Customer Reviews

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Ashley Dietrich
I love the idea of it since I collect vint...

I love the idea of it since I collect vintage cameras but there are a few things I don't like it sounds muffled since half of the speaker is in the box and it was way to snug while putting it in it is really tight and I cracked the sides trying to fit it in but the back covers it so in all honesty I'm conflicted with this I wanna say it's perfect but it was really hard to get in and the sounds is muffled which kinda gets annoying and you can hear the vibrations when your Alexa talks 🤦🏻‍♀️ but shipping was good and it came early

Sheryl Kshlerin
Fabulous design and works great.

Fabulous design and works great.

Bridgette Cole
This is a great and unique item! Manfred w...

This is a great and unique item! Manfred was great to work with, and was pleasant when I originally ordered a 2nd gen stand versus a 3rd gen. Thank you!

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